DDEX Data Dictionary , 2010-06-18
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A message term for echo:ExtensionsMessage.
A response Message in a RedeliveryRequestCall.
Component Structure
Has Same Components As echo:WsAcknowledgement
Components Name Description of Element Role Cardinality Data Type
  MessageVersionId The Version of the Message. 1 String (xs:string)
  XmlSequence 1
    MessageHeader The MessageHeader for the Message. 1 amep:WsMessageHeader
    AcknowledgedWsMessageId The Identifier of a WsMessage. 1 String (xs:string)
    ReceivedWsMessageStatus The ddex_Status of a received WsMessage. 1 WsMessageStatus
    ErrorText A Comment about the Message. This is solely to aid the MessageRecipient of the Message to resolve the issues complained about. 0-1 String (xs:string)
  XmlSequence 1
    IsSuccessful A Flag indicating whether a redelivery was successful (=True) or not (=False). 1 Boolean (xs:boolean)
Is Member of Composites Composite Name Description of Element Role Cardinality  
Belongs to Class ResourceComposite
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